Mozilla Bangladesh Online Privacy Talk @ Eastern University


Internet use is growing every day in our country. But new users and the importance of their personal information security, there is no awareness. We all Internet users in the country, to convey the importance of privacy. On the Internet and on your digital life, Privacy is one of the main concerns for everyone, especially the users of the web. So, to help users of the web in Bangladesh, Inspired by Mozilla India’s January Privacy Month Campaign, Mozilla Bangladesh was going to celebrate International Data Privacy Day  by organizing a Privacy Week!

As part of this campaign, Eastern University Firefox Club organized a seminar on topic Mozilla Online Privacy Talk @ Eastern University. The event was conducted by Hossain Al Ikram. Before main program started Hossain Al Ikram brother showed a video about privacy on that video we have seen that The Internet was made for everyone but is being hijacked by big corporations that are turning people into products without their knowledge or consent also the video expose the hidden business of the Internet on a busy street in Hamburg, Germany.


Students watching the video

Hamburg, November 2015, one apartment, 12 unsuspecting travelers, a night to remember, when they all enter inside the apartment they got a Wi-Fi password on the window glass when they went online with that password suddenly a man from outside the apartment loudly said that Access!, Access!, Access!, then he said Jule is now online, Jule was a traveler in the apartment after that the outside man said that we have access to their entire online data also their mobile online data, desktop online data after that all the travelers was shocked how he knows their online data. The outside man also said that they are freshly engaged!, How do I know that?, I know that because I can see their shopping history after that he said everyone online browsing history what they did online. This was the main theme of the video.


The video screenshot

After that Hossain Al Ikram brother started the main event with some topics like Privacy Basics: Passwords, Tracking, and Data Retention.


Phase One:

At first he told us about basic privacy how we safeguard our information online and discover how to monitor websites that track our browser histories using cookies.

Phase Two:

If it’s Personal Offline, it’s Personal Online too. In phase two he told us the importance of safeguarding personal, private information online, as well as offline

Phase Three:

Tracking Cookies with Lightbeam. In third phase he told us to use Lightbeam, an online privacy tool, to discover who is tracking us online while the browse the Web.


Phase Four:

Passwords Agenda. In fourth phase he told us how protect our data and identity online by developing strategies to make strong passwords. He also showed us some technique like, How to Test Password Strength, How to Create Stronger Passwords, How to Avoid Password Reuse, How to Use Two-Factor Authentication and so on.

Phase Five:

Suggestions, In phase five he gave us some suggestions how to we make sure our online privacy by using Mozilla Private Browsing and some others privacy tools

Last Phase:

Questions and Answers: In last session he asked us some question about privacy and he told us ask him questions when students ask him different question about privacy he answered theme using practical life experience.

At the end of the session we took some group photos and selfies




Group Selfie After Program



Firefox Style Group Photo


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